Visual Navigation to Elevate Categories & Brands

Offer your shoppers a clear path to products with appealing visual navigation.

Are Your Shoppers Overwhelmed by Too Many Product Options?

The chances are that your shoppers are engaged with search but may be overwhelmed by the number of products returned. The risk of site or cart abandonment is elevated if the shopper does not quickly see the products that they are looking for. Filters may be available but unless they are readily visible shoppers may not spot them or be aware they are present.

Visual Navigation Makes for Better Decision-Making

Today it’s critical for brands to adopt context-aware navigation that is visual, easily accessible and delivers the products the shopper desires. Visual navigation creates easy-to-use filter or redirect options designed to deliver search results faster. Other benefits include:

We’ve Mastered Visual Navigation

FindTuner’s Visual Navigation features make it easy to create visually appealing elements that spotlight critical categories, brands, and product attributes, guiding shoppers quickly to the products they seek. 

AutoTune Facets

Guarantee brand and category facets are consistently seen and readily available. Personalize facets and facet values based on shopper behavior. Improve product discovery with no manual effort.


Automatically guide shoppers to a specific area of the catalog and filter the results according to shopper intent.

Powerful Support for A/B Testing

Easily pass data to FindTuner to execute multivariate tests and find the best strategy for your shoppers.


What Customers Are Saying

Maximize Conversion Rates

Promote more products, categories, and featured items with confidence