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The High Cost of Subpar
Shopper Experience

Today’s sophisticated shoppers do not want to spend hours searching for products only to end up empty-handed. Endless scrolling through irrelevant search results or navigating through confusing menus and filters can leave shoppers feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and dissatisfied. Online retailers are working every day to provide ecommerce shopping experience that captivate, convert and retain customers.

Ensure Smooth & Frustration-free Shopper Experience

FindTuner provides extensive, easy-to-use features that empower merchandisers and marketers to provide exceptional Solr search and navigation. Leverage FindTuner’s shopper experience features to:

Shopper Experience That Is
Visual, Intuitive, and Captivating

Guided Navigation for Great Shopper Experience

FindTuner’s facet customization features enable you to deliver frictionless shopper experience that is efficient and always on cue. Change the display order of facets. Do the same with facet values. Rename or hide any facet or facet value. Generate dynamic facets from catalog data. Automate all of this using FindTuner AutoTune machine learning.

Feature Products and Categories

Display recommendations for products to elevate visibility, capture the shopper’s attention, and provide superior shopper experience. Automatically generate recommended products from categories as shoppers search and browse your catalog. Create appealing visual navigation to help drive shoppers to relevant areas of the product catalog.

Display Engaging Banners

Captivate shoppers with creative messages that promote brands, offer discounts or highlight merchandise using targeted banner displays. Display finely crafted, pixel-perfect web banners for any search, navigation, user, region or segment. Curate the exact shopper experience you want to maximize upsell opportunities.

Guide Shoppers Efficiently

Improve shopper experience by redirecting searches and navigations to existing content. Direct searches for customer service to the customer service page. Automatically place shoppers into high-value content categories. Funnel shoppers to meticulously crafted landing pages. Create custom links to any related content such as articles, how-to guides or product manuals.


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