Replace Endeca with FindTuner

Is Endeca holding you back from meeting your business objectives?

Digital merchants strive to meet the changing demands of today’s digital shoppers with efficient navigation, superior search and personalized promotions. However, aging tools like Endeca lack the flexibility to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of shoppers, merchandisers and marketers. And the entire organization is hampered by too much complexity and high licensing and operational costs.

Replace Endeca with the tools you need to grow.

Replace Endeca with FindTuner to enable merchants to provide better shopping experiences, align merchandising and marketing strategies, and reduce licensing and maintenance costs. FindTuner leverages machine learning to meet conversion objectives, empowers merchandisers with superior relevancy control, and delivers precise merchandising capabilities to meet any business objective.

Replace Endeca and enjoy the industry's best search merchandising features.

Leading international brands replace Endeca with FindTuner to deliver world-class search experiences.

AutoTune Machine Learning

Continuously see search results improve with machine learning that uses shopper behavior, buying patterns and your analytics. Instantly respond to emerging trends without manual intervention. Improve shopper experience with relevant, personalized and consistent search and category listings. Personalize facets and facet values based on shopper behavior.

Visual Navigation

Get the shopper to the products they want quickly by creating visually appealing navigation elements. Spotlight critical categories, brands and product attributes. Delight shoppers when they see a clear path to the products they’re looking for. Curtail abandons by providing visually appealing signposts to your products.

Powerful A/B Testing

Easily pass data to FindTuner to execute multivariate tests and find the best strategy for your shoppers. 

Facet Customization

Deliver an efficient, context-aware navigation experience.  Show the right facets and filters based on the product results for any search or navigation. Capture the shopper’s attention and reduce friction by elevating the most engaging product attributes while guiding them to the products they want quickly. Curate facets and facet values based on business objectives


Automatically and efficiently guide a shopper to a specific area of the site and filter the results according to context.


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