Personalized eCommerce Search
That Boosts Loyalty

Connect your shoppers with their favorite products
to keep them coming back.

Personalized eCommerce Search to Deliver the Best Products

Are you missing out on getting more repeat sales? Want a personalized eCommerce search experience that connects shoppers to their favorite merchandise?

Instead of letting these sales fall through the cracks, FindTuner elevates products that a shopper frequently purchases to make the rebuying experience as quick and easy as possible.

Drive Repeat Sales

Personalized eCommerce Search that Shoppers Are Looking For

Boost customer loyalty with personalized eCommerce search that will keep them coming back. Enjoy higher conversion rates and average order value when shoppers find things they’re looking for quickly. Shoppers are more likely to be quickly connected with the products they’re looking for.

AutoTune Algorithms for personalized eCommerce search

Use FindTuner AutoTune’s personalized eCommerce search machine learning models to automatically boost products the shopper frequently purchases to the top of the results. Guarantee these products are seen when they visit the site. Immediately visualize and take advantage of any data to dynamically rank results, positively influence conversion and create the perfect mix of products.

Featured Products

Elevate and spotlight products that have been purchased in the past to create a personalized eCommerce Search experiences. Featured products can be configured using AutoTune data, merchandisers can curate the experience, or any combination.

AutoTune Facets

Guarantee brand and category facets are consistently seen and readily available. Personalize facets and facet values based on shopper behavior. Improve product discovery with no manual effort.


What Customers Are Saying

Maximize Conversion Rates

Promote more products, categories, and featured items with confidence.