Boost revenue with
machine learning for Solr

Painlessly optimize relevancy without the manual work.

The Barriers to Great
Search Experiences

Implementing great search experiences is not without its obstacles. Manual customization and long deployment cycles can create significant barriers to developing the experiences shoppers are looking for. For top brands, the solution often involves adopting machine learning for Solr into their ecommerce platform.

Turnkey Machine Learning for Solr

FindTuner’s AutoTune feature continuously delivers the best product results with no manual effort. FindTuner automatically tunes product results with machine learning for Solr using shopper’s behavior, purchase history and buying patterns. While FindTuner is learning from all your data, rest assured you have the control to use revenue or sales rank to ensure your best products are always in view.

Perfect Products Using Clickstream

Recommendations From Purchase History

Engagement Driven Facets

Drive Uplift With Any Data

Quickly Deploy Machine Learning for Solr

You can configure FindTuner AutoTune quickly, feed us your analytics, see improved results immediately and be hands off from the start.


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