FindTuner for Lucidworks Fusion

Navigating Solr & Fusion

The adoption of Solr and Fusion for ecommerce search has been increasing as merchants want easy to deploy, cost effective tools that enable them to enhance the customer experience. FindTuner complements Fusion enabling merchants to quickly deploy and operate a merchandised eCommerce store.

FindTuner’s features work in concert with Fusion pipelines and machine learning models, complement and leverage signals and work seamlessly with Fusion’s powerful cluster management.

Get the tools you need to grow.

FindTuner gives merchandisers enhanced levels of power and control to create engaging search experiences that reduce the time for shoppers to find products and get to the checkout stage. FindTuner works seamlessly with Lucidworks Fusion, elevating it to new heights.

FindTuner for Lucidworks Fusion enables merchandisers to:

Target With Precision

FindTuner’s extensive and flexible targets can be crafted as broadly or precisely as needed to carry out any merchandising objective. Execute merchandising actions based on keywords, categories, facets, segments, campaigns, shopper attributes, or any combination, and more.

Feature Products and Categories

Use this feature to elevate/spotlight products that have been purchased in the past. Featured products can be configured using AutoTune data, merchandisers can curate the experience, or any combination.

Engagement Driven Facets

Drive Uplift With Any Data

Fast Deployment

You can configure AutoTune quickly, feed us your analytics, see improved results immediately and be hands off from the start.


What Customers Are Saying

Maximize Conversion Rates

Promote more products, categories, and featured items with confidence