Drupal Commerce Solr Merchandising

Create exceptional Drupal Commerce Solr search experiences that capture and convert shoppers.

Drupal Commerce Solr Merchandising Challenges

As online retailers strive to provide ecommerce shopping experiences that captivate, convert and retain customers, there is no doubt that ecommerce search experience is critical for success. Poor search performance has proven to lower conversion rates and increase customer churn. Solr provides Drupal Commerce sites great search technology, but there’s always room for improvement. To increase conversion rates, enhance order values and provide the experiences today’s shoppers demand, online retailers need more capabilities to effectively run a merchandised ecommerce site.

Drupal Commerce Search Merchandising that Converts

FindTuner is a search merchandising solution that works seamlessly with Drupal Commerce and Solr. Whether you want to boost a few products, precisely position products in the most valuable positions, curate the perfect search experience for a marketing campaign or target segments to maximize conversion, FindTuner has all the tools to make you successful. FindTuner’s AutoTune feature leverages machine learning models to automatically tune search and category results by continuously learning from shopper behavior, purchase history and buying patterns to deliver the best results with no manual effort.

Seamless Integration With Drupal Commerce and Solr

FindTuner takes Drupal Commerce  Solr to a new level with easy to use tools that can be adopted quickly. FindTuner increases conversion, aligns merchandising and marketing strategies, optimizes the digital shelf, and provides better shopper experiences.

Machine Learning for Drupal Commerce

Continuously see search results improve with machine learning that uses shopper behavior, buying patterns and your analytics. Instantly respond to emerging trends without manual intervention. Improve shopper experience with relevant, personalized and consistent search and category listings. Personalize facets and facet values based on shopper behavior.

Facet Customization

Deliver an efficient, context-aware navigation experience.  Show the right facets and filters based on the product results for any search or navigation. Capture the shopper’s attention and reduce friction by elevating the most engaging product attributes while guiding them to the products they want quickly. Curate facets and facet values based on business objectives.

Promote Important Products

Shape the ideal consumer experience by promoting products or product groups for any search or navigation. Use FindTuner’s precise product promotion features to control the most valuable positions in your search results. Take advantage of enhanced relevancy control and keyword merchandising.

Target With Precision

Direct merchandising efforts towards lucrative user segments by crafting personalized user experiences. Easily pinpoint the right moment and create campaigns that resonate. Merchandise based on a shopper’s search, navigation, context or any combination.

Drive Uplift With Data

Provide the perfect product mix using KPI metrics like revenue, ratings, popularity, inventory or sales rank to positively influence conversion. Improved shopper experience with more relevant product search that leverages rich sales and analytics data.

Quickly Deploy FindTuner for Drupal Commerce

FindTuner for Drupal Commerce works seamlessly with your existing Solr installation and deployment is as easy as installing our module. You can configure FindTuner AutoTune quickly to see improved results immediately and be hands off from the start. 


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