Deployment, Pricing & Support

FindTuner is simple to deploy, straightforward to integrate, and easy to use


FindTuner may be installed on premise or in the cloud and is easily integrated and scaled with your storefront by simply directing your current Solr queries to the FindTuner Merchandising Server. We offer deployment consulting services focused on education and knowledge transfer along with development and deployment support to assist you with launching the solution quickly.


FindTuner is licensed as a flat-fee, annual subscription. We do not charge based on number of queries, users, nodes, or environments. There are no hidden fees so you can confidently budget the cost of the solution with no surprises.


We provide Business Hours, Extended Business Hours and 24×7 Support with our team of Solr and merchandising experts. Support provides for regular feature updates and bug fixes, as well as expert assistance related to integration and usage of the product. Enjoy exceptional support from a dedicated team who’s ready to: