Case Studies

Read how leading retailers elevate Solr with FindTuner to provide optimized shopping experiences.

Migros - Machine Learning for Personalization

Product listing pages are significantly enhanced by machine learning that uses shopper behavior and other KPI data to harmonize shopper’s intent with MFM AG’s business objectives. Shopper engagement has been improved through the use of visual navigation elements that guide shoppers to high-value content.

Fabory - FindTuner for SAP Commerce

Using FindTuner, customer experience has been greatly improved with more relevant product search that leverages rich KPI data to match the customer’s intent and Fabory’s business objectives. “FindTuner empowers our team with easy-to-use tools for tuning relevancy, managing campaigns, and creating a customer-centric search and navigation experiences” stated Vasuki Muralidhar, CIO at Fabory.

Endeca Migration to FindTuner

Using FindTuner, Client has feature-rich merchandising that fully replaced features provided by Endeca, and FindTuner provides additional merchandising capabilities that precisely target shoppers. Customer experience has been greatly improved, providing more relevant product search that leverages rich sales and analytics data and matches the shopper’s intent. The platform delivers exceptional search results at previously-unmatched speeds.

Meijer - Align Merchandising and Marketing Strategies

Using FindTuner, Meijer aligned merchandising and marketing strategies which led to increased conversion rates and basket sizes. Meijer improved the shopper experience, responds to seasonal marketing needs as well as provides personalized experiences for loyalty program members.