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FindTuner eCommerce Search Merchandising

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Apache Solr provides powerful search capabilities and features that are well-suited for eCommerce and its openness gives the flexibility to meet the needs of any retailer. But if you’re envisioning more engaging shopping experiences that captivate and satisfy your shoppers like never before, if you’re seeking to improve search relevance, deliver personalized search experiences, and minimize manual effort, look no further. FindTuner is your ultimate Solr search merchandising solution for delivering exceptional ecommerce search experiences.

Happier Shoppers With Less Work

FindTuner helps online retailers like you supercharge Solr to provide shoppers with the best search experiences around. Gone are the days of struggling to find the perfect search solution. FindTuner offers a seamless, turnkey eCommerce search merchandising solution that delivers the results you’ve been dreaming of. Imagine your customers being guided effortlessly to the products they desire, each search experience finely tuned.

Our feature-rich searchandising platform utilizes cutting-edge machine learning to continually personalize search experiences, adapting in real-time to shopper behavior and market trends. FindTuner empowers you to effortlessly connect shoppers with their desired products, ensuring every interaction leaves them delighted and ready to make a purchase.

With FindTuner, it’s not just about search – it’s about creating an unforgettable journey for your shoppers. With FindTuner you can:

FindTuner Solr eCommerce Search Merchandising
Promote, Optimize and Personalize with the industry’s most convenient solution

eCommerce Merchandising & Solr Optimization Made Easy

Solr Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Drive the most relevant results and respond quickly to trends using shopper behavior, buying patterns, your analytics and proven machine learning models.

Solr Search Merchandising

Search Merchandising

Ensure perfect visibility of products, brands and categories. Respond to new product launches, promote seasonal items and act quickly to trends.

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

Show the right results at the right time with contextual promotions. Highlight important products, curate navigation and deliver the ideal experience.

SAP Commerce Cloud Solr Merchandising

SAP Commerce Search Merchandising

FindTuner for SAP Commerce provides machine learning and Solr search merchandising that increases conversion, aligns merchandising and marketing strategies, and provides better shopper experiences.

B2B eCommerce Search Merchandising

B2B merchants can create search and navigation experiences that strengthen customer relationships, provide revenue growth and deliver competitive advantage.

FindTuner B2B eCommerce Search Merchandising
Drupal Commerce Solr Merchandising

Drupal Commerce Search Merchandising

FindTuner for Drupal Commerce elevates Solr with easy to use tools that can be adopted quickly. Increase conversion rates, enhance order values and provide the experiences today’s shoppers demand.


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