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If you think that your organization could benefit from enhancing the great tools on Apache Solr, you’re not alone.

We exist because we understand that some of its standard features could be supercharged to take online retailers to the next level.

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We help online retailers like you elevate Solr to provide users with the best search experiences around. Even better, we’ve made a turnkey solution to get the results you’ve been looking for.

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Search Optimization Made Easy

Machine Learning

Drive the most relevant results and respond quickly to trends using shopper behavior, buying patterns, your analytics and proven machine learning models.

Search Merchandising

Ensure perfect visibility of products, brands and categories. Respond to new product launches, promote seasonal items and act quickly to trends.

Shopper Experience

Show the right results at the right time with contextual promotions. Highlight important products, curate navigation and deliver the ideal experience.

B2B Search & Merchandising

B2B merchants can create search and navigation experiences that strengthen customer relationships, provide revenue growth and deliver competitive advantage.


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